What is a STEP File? Let me Explain…


I've Had Many Clients ask me "What is a STEP File"? So I thought I would explain... Let's begin with an analogy. You're probably familiar with Microsoft Word documents and with PDF files. Often times, you create a document using Word, then save (or print) it to PDF before sharing. PDF is more universal and not easily edited. It's basically a snap shot of that Microsoft Word document at the time you saved it. That's effectively what a STEP file is to 3D engineering model data. It's one of several universal formats we use to communicate between CAD systems. I've run into many [...]

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StaX Goes Live on Kickstarter


I love reading all of the information that other Kickstarter projects share during and after their campaign. I hope to contribute back to this with interesting and useful information about the StaX campaign over the next month (and beyond). What is StaX and why is it on Kickstarter? To start, StaX is a joint effort between myself and Craig Rettew. The premise is simple - a modular container that can be extended (or shrunk) depending on how many sections you add in. It's machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized in some awesome colors. The Kickstarter campaign aims to sell about 800 [...]

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Five Things I Tell Inventors


I talk to quite a few individual inventors who are trying to understand where they should go with an idea they have. There is a common theme that the conversation turns to, so I thought I'd wrap up a few of the most important things here in this post. I love working with inventors because I love exploring new ideas. I also hate seeing people dump thousands of their hard earned dollars down the drain. I will only work with people once they have at least listened to me discourage them for a bit. 1 - Ideas Are Easy. Execution is [...]

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Hello World!


Welcome to the Zalaco blog! As a tribute to our WordPress powered site, we are leaving the first blog post title as "Hello World!". This will be a place to share projects we work on, news we find interesting, and opinions on things going on around us. Zalaco, LLC officially exists as of July 2013. Welcome to the blog and we're looking forward to providing some interesting content moving forward.

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