This page is my best effort to describe the costs of various services I provide. Please keep in mind that many of the services I offer are custom and each client has unique requirements and will be quoted accordingly. I always provide a free consultation to any potential clients, so please do not hesitate to schedule a phone call with me.

Free Sample Service For Businesses

There are several high-volume services we can provide to businesses. Typically, these are (1) 3d line art for websites and product catalogs, (2) rendered images for websites and catalogs, or (3) generating large volume of 3D CAD files from legacy 2D data. If you have a project like this, and would like to experience the quality and professional service we provide, please fill out our request form here.

Request for Quote

In lieu of scheduling a phone call, you can use our Request for Quote form to begin discussions on your project.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Request

Please use this form to establish a non-disclosure agreement.