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We give startups their own entry on the web site because we really love working with new and innovative companies. If your new startup is seeking funding, let us help prepare high quality renderings and animations of your product offering. Help your potential investors and customers understand what you are trying to build. Ensure your early concepts are taking manufacturing and assembly into account. Get your design to a point where a 3D printer can put it in your hands.

If your startup needs regular mechanical design support but isn’t looking to make a full time hire, considering outsourcing the 3D design and documentation to Zalaco. We’ll provide you with 24/7 secure access to all of your 3D models and drawings via your web browser. Stop trying to decide who to hire, what CAD package to invest in, how to document revisions, and where to store your files. If your needs outgrow Zalaco, you can download all your data or simply pick up where we leave off using the web based environment.

For this level of service, we bundle the CAD data management (monthly fee) with a 5 hour minimum monthly retainer. Being on retainer ensures your work is always a top priority.

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