3D Product Animation


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Modern 3D CAD systems lay a great foundation for animating moving components, creating fly-by animations, or just spinning a product around 360 degrees. Here at Zalaco, we don’t claim to be a Hollywood grade animation studio – in fact, we don’t use the word studio at all. What we can do is produce detailed mechanical animations that represent how products and mechanisms actually work. This is because the CAD tools we use to design products allow us to simulate (animate) the motion of our designs. We combine those animations with our rendering pipeline and we can create compelling animated video sequences.

360 Degree Turn Table Animations

Many clients who work with us on a product development effort end up with a simple animation of some type. A very common service we provide is 360 degree “turn table” rendered animation that lasts about 8 seconds. We’ll typically render this at 720p or 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. This means that we need to produce (30 frames x 8 seconds) about 240 individual still photos.

We might grab every 10th frame and deliver those 24 images plus the animation to the client. You have a great loopable video clip (make it spin forever!) and an isometric image of the product from 24 different angles!

Interactive Animations for Websites

Have you ever found an ecommerce site that lets you actually spin a product around 360 degrees? Or perhaps you’ve been able to interact with an animated sequence? Those 360 spins are often done with photography, but we can also do them by rendering images of a product every 10 degrees or so. Animated sequences can be used in a similar manner to provide users with an interactive web player!

Custom 3D Product Animation

Sometimes we want to show more function than just spinning in a circle. Perhaps we want to show how a handle extends, how a pair of screws are removed to access a cover, or how a mechanism is designed to transfer some input motion to some other output motion.

Learn More About 3D Product Animation Services?

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