Most of what you see on my website is about the mechanical engineering services I provide. So what exactly is this page about consulting doing here? Who wants an engineer to tell them how to run their business! The truth is that I love the issues that small business owners face. I have an MBA, but I’m not interested in solving corporate problems. I like helping individuals figure out how to hack and slash their way to success without depending on the safety and security of a regular job.

Working as “Soloprenuer”has required me to become understand many aspects of running a small business. I build my own websites, run my own Google Adwords campaigns,  follow up leads, write proposals, send invoices, chase down people who don’t pay on time – the list goes on and on. I now consider myself an expert when it comes to starting (and running) a one-person business.  I can help you achieve the same success I have found and save you hundreds of hours of your time in the process.

Use the Right Tools

If you’re considering heading down the route of working for yourself, I might be able to help. Technology is doing amazing things. Several years back, you would have had to hire an expensive web developer to create a high quality website. Today, you can install and run WordPress for a few bucks a month or go with a host of other website building options.

Several years ago, accepting credit cards online was a significant undertaking. Today, it takes about 15 minutes. Hook up with a professional invoicing program, and you could be accepting a credit card payment in about as long as you’re going to spend reading this page.

With Google Apps for Business, you can be running your company email on the same infrastructure used by Google and thousands of other businesses (for $5 per month!). Not to mention the countless other services Google provides.

Save Time with Automation

With a little more elbow grease, you can start to implement automation tools to eliminate many of the mundane tasks that become part of your daily routine. By choosing the right tools from the start, we can integrate and automate at a level that will make most Fortune 500 companies jealous.  Here is my favorite example:

Imagine a new lead coming in from your website. You have first name, last name, phone number, and email address. You’d like to add this individual to your email contacts and the directory on your phone. You’ll need to add them to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database. If you send them a proposal, you’ll need to type out all of that contact information into your proposal. When you send them an invoice, you’ll need to enter that information into your invoicing tool. You may want to add them to an email marketing list as well.

That’s just four (4) pieces of contact information entered into six (6) different systems. By choosing the right tools, we can setup integrations between all of these systems and enter data only one time.

Just two years ago, you would have had to hire a software developer to create all of these custom integrations. It probably would have cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Today, we can set most of that up in an afternoon!

Can I Help?

If you are an experienced professional looking to start your own professional services or consulting business, let me shorten your learning curve. Schedule a consultation with me today. And pay extra attention to my scheduler below. Isn’t it nice that you can access my calendar and schedule an appointment? Imagine having several consultation a week and the time you’d spend coordinate a good time to chat, or missing a phone call because you were actively consulting with another client? Tools like this are inexpensive and easy to add to your website. So let’s talk already!

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