I love reading all of the information that other Kickstarter projects share during and after their campaign. I hope to contribute back to this with interesting and useful information about the StaX campaign over the next month (and beyond).

What is StaX and why is it on Kickstarter?

To start, StaX is a joint effort between myself and Craig Rettew. The premise is simple – a modular container that can be extended (or shrunk) depending on how many sections you add in. It’s machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized in some awesome colors. The Kickstarter campaign aims to sell about 800 or so complete kits so that we can order the components at large enough volume to make the pricing work.

Craig and I are big fans of crowdfunding. It’s not the right answer for every aspiring inventor, entrepreneur, or designer, but its remarkable how much you can get from this process.  So please checkout our campaign here, and check back on this blog for updates over the next month to see how we are doing. I’ll try to share interesting data as it becomes available, and share our lessons when its all over.

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