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Zack is a mechanical engineer by trade, leaving the high tech world of defense contracting to offer 3D design and engineering services to inventors and small businesses. He specializes in helping others bring new products to market by leveraging his technical and business experience. You can find him at Zalaco.com.

3D Rendered Business Cards Have Arrived!


Last week I posted some images I rendered in SolidWorks to create some unique business cards. The idea was pretty simple. Moo.com let's you have as many different images for the backs of your card as you like. I thought it would be fun to generate up some 3D text describing the type of work I do here at Zalaco, and render that image with different colors/materials to add some variety to my stack of business cards. This first order was a bit of an experiment to see how the screen images translated to print (I'm not a graphic artist by [...]

3D Rendered Business Cards Have Arrived!2013-09-06T01:40:03-04:00

3D Rendered Business Cards


I needed some business cards for Zalaco, so I decided to create some rendered images in SolidWorks. I wanted something that showed some original, unique images that also conveyed some of my capabilities. Rendered Front The front of the cards is pretty simple. A dark powdercoated surface with embossed white letters for the name, and engraved silver letters for all of the other text. I threw some icons in for the contact information, as I thought those would have a nice effect with the engraving. The logo in the center is intentionally left the same color as the primary surface to [...]

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Appearance in the Orlando Business Journal


The Orlando Business Journal stopped by to chat with us about DeltaMaker recently. Yours truly made the cover of this week's edition, and DeltaMaker had a nice spread with photos inside.  You can checkout the web version by clicking here. DeltaMaker is a crowd-funded 3D printer that I support as one of the founders. It has made substantial progress and will begin shipping soon. DeltaMaker Rendered Image

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Hello World!


Welcome to the Zalaco blog! As a tribute to our WordPress powered site, we are leaving the first blog post title as "Hello World!". This will be a place to share projects we work on, news we find interesting, and opinions on things going on around us. Zalaco, LLC officially exists as of July 2013. Welcome to the blog and we're looking forward to providing some interesting content moving forward.

Hello World!2013-08-05T18:10:17-04:00
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