When you Google around for “SolidWorks training”, you get hit by a hard to navigate mess of online suites, video courses, books, and official SolidWorks training materials. I thought it might be useful to try and compile some of the major resources onto a couple of pages here on my website. This is not an all encompassing list. It may grow or shrink over time. If there’ something you think I should add (or remove!) please leave a comment. I’ve tried to break this down into an organized structure on several different pages. Maybe one day I’ll get around to adding reviews for some of these. Until then, happy engineering! And yes, some of these are affiliate links because, why not?

SolidWorks Online Training Options

There are all sorts of ways you can consume online training. There’s live courses with an instructor, self-paced interactive courses, simple video based training, and subscription services where you pay a modest monthly fee and get access to an ever growing library of content. This page will

  • Subscription Based Online Training
  • A-La-Carte Online Courses
  • Live Training Options

SolidWorks Training Books, PDF’s, and EBooks

I’m not sure if I should really classify old-school bound books with PDF’s and eBooks…oh well too late.

  • SolidWorks Training Books
  • SolidWorks PDF and eBooks

SolidWorks Training Videos

  • SolidWorks YouTube Channels
  • Solidworks Video Training

SolidWorks Training Courses – Offline

You’re probably better off doing a Google search and adding your city into the search string. But this page will have a list of offline training course providers. A good chunk of this is through the official SolidWorks reseller network, so you’re probably best off talking directly to your VAR if you’re going this route.

SolidWorks Certification and Other Resources

I’m not fleshing this out into its own page right now. To know everything SolidWorks wants to tell you about training, you can visit the Training Portal at SolidWorks.com.