3D Modeling Services and CAD in SolidWorks

3D Modeling Services in SolidWorks

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My professional experience as a mechanical design engineer has allowed me to design thousands of parts across several different 3D CAD systems. I’ve spent over 10,000 hours 3d modeling, analyzing, and documenting designs in CATIA, Pro-Engineer, and SolidWorks.  For the last 5+ years, I’ve worked exclusively in SolidWorks.

In my experience, SolidWorks is the standard for general purpose engineering design work. I maintain an active and license of SolidWorks ensuring that all of my clients’ work is up to the latest industry standards.

E-Drawings Logo
E-Drawings Logo

3D Modeling Services Collaboration with E-Drawings

SolidWorks provides an excellent viewer called E-Drawings (you can download it here). This free viewer lets you access and view 3D models right on your desktop. This becomes an excellent communication tool, and its completely free. For a few dollars, you can even install the app on your iPad or iPhone and view your designs on the go!


What Does A SolidWorks 3D Model Look Like?

Just for fun, here are some screen grabs and rendered images that come out of SolidWorks. The overwhelming majority of the client work I do is done under non-disclosure agreements, so I can’t show you all the really good stuff! Here are a few examples of what we can produce 3D modeling in SolidWorks:

3D Modeling of Smart Phone Desk Organizer
3D Modeling of Smart Phone Desk Organizer
3D Modeling of Gun Guardian Firearm Safety Device
3D Modeling of Gun Guardian Firearm Safety Device
3D Modeling of a Deck Concept
3D Modeling of a Deck Concept

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