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Here is the list of SolidWorks Online Training that I’ve compiled so far. I’m not rating or reviewing anything at this time, but I am including some information on pricing and terms to save you the click.

Subscription Based SolidWorks Online Training

A-La-Cart an Online SolidWorks Training

  • | You have to ask for a quote 
    • They provide a great deal of free SolidWorks content. You’ve probably run across slide shows and videos from them. They are an official VAR and offer all of the SolidWorks sanctioned training. They seem to be the VAR that covers the web the strongest.

For this level of service (spending over a grand up front), you probably want to do some real due diligence. If you have to have a real person to interact with, then this might be the right approach. If you can teach yourself, the monthly service options provide a great bang for buck.

SolidWorks Training Books, PDF’s, and EBooks

SolidWorks Training Videos

SolidWorks Training Courses – Offline