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And here's what we ended up with.

Mother’s Day Planter Design Project

A mother’s day project: Cedar Planter Planter Design Project Links See Project on GrabCAD (download model files) PlanterPlans Decided to have the 3 year old help me build a planter on the back porch for him and mom. Having a 3 year old “help” is always interesting, but it turned into a great couple of […]

StaX Kickstarter Staff Picked

Kickstarter Data – StaX Campaign – Day 1

This is a daily status with behind-the-scenes data from the StaX Kickstarter campaign. This is our effort to be completely transparent to our backers, and provide valuable information to other project creators. StaX Kickstarter Summary – Day 1 We launched the Kickstarter project yesterday morning from the comfort of a Panera Bread here in Orlando. After […]

mechanical engineering services

3D Rendered Business Cards

I needed some business cards for Zalaco, so I decided to create some rendered images in SolidWorks. I wanted something that showed some original, unique images that also conveyed some of my capabilities. Rendered Front The front of the cards is pretty simple. A dark powdercoated surface with embossed white letters for the name, and […]